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Forums: Microsoft Powerpoint Help

Question: Next Tuesday, I have a meeting in Atlanta, and I am working on this massive powerpoint presentation. I need help moving the powerpoint from my thumb drive to a CD-Rom. I tried dragging it on, but it said that I needed some sort of software to get it on there. I need help getting […]

Forums: Wireless mouse doesn’t work properly

Question: I have a Microsoft wireless mouse which I purchased from Best Buy about 3 years ago. For some reason, it is not working any more. I tried replacing the batteries, and then I tried to reconnect the receiver with the mouse. However, there seems to be no response from the mouse. Is there anything […]

Yahoo Answers: How effective are certifications in IT?

Question: How effective are certifications in IT? I was thinking of getting one as soon as now(2nd year college) if it’s for a better future, why not? Answer: If you are applying for a help-desk type job or a system administrator type position, it would be helpful to show some mastery in different fields and […]

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