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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $500 Placed by December 31, 2012

We are offering free shipping on all orders over $500 placed by December 31, 2012. Contact our Sales Team for deals on all your IT hardware, software, and solution needs. We will be working until the very last minute. Send your RFQ/RFP into us at saleshelp@benjenonline.com and we will provide you with a quote within […]

Updates with Our Marketplace

We have decided to keep our Marketplace open, despite our previous statement posted in our blog regarding the closure of our online Marketplace. So far, we are only accepting check payments and money order payments. We expect to begin resuming credit card collection shortly. We have been the target of several Nigerian 419 scams and […]

10% off of All TI Products in our e-Store

From 10/10/2010 through 10/20/2010, we are offering 10% off of all TI products in our e-Store. This covers classroom kits, calculator parts, and everything else that’s listed. For more information, please visit our e-Store online at https://www.benjenonline.com/store. Link to this post!

TI Calculator Parts for School Districts

We noticed that a lot of our recent buyers were school districts. If you are a school district and are looking to make a mass purchase of TI Calculator Parts, please contact us at sales@benjenonline.com. We will be able to provide a better price quote for your needs. We have volume discounts available. We carry […]

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